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Rugs; Rugs and more Rugs...how do I choose??

There are so many choices out there when you come to finding rugs for your horse so what makes a great choice?Fit for purpose is first...are you looking for an all round rug that can take you between seasons, is waterproof and built to last or are you looking for a specific use such as something for the hottest days to just keep flies off or something for the coldest days when you have clipped your horse ready for winter riding.Summer rugs are mostly designed to help keep the horse cool and fly ...

January 28, 2023

Grain Free or Not Grain Free...choosing the right food for my Pooch...

As someone who couldn't wait to be a dog owner and have always had at least one dog in my life since I was 20 I've really come to value feeding the right food.  The food we feed our dog has such a big impact on the quality of life they enjoy...and lets face it we want them around enjoying themselves for as long as possible! I've always fed the best dry food that I can find and afford and have had pretty good results....but with Sloans Pets I wanted to make sure that we were offering the bes...

August 19, 2022 Posts 1-2 of 2 | Page

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