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Health and Wellbeing

There is a lot of 'stuff' out there to help our Pets be happy, healthy and well.  Here is our selection of favourities that we know work because we use them with our own fur family or they are what our Customers ask for because they 'swear by it' as a helpful product.

If you have a favourite that we don't have listed please 'get in touch' and let us know, we might have it in our Waipukurau Store or else be able to get it in for you.

Check out this months Spring Specials from Hippo Health....natural homeopathy treatments that really work.

Flea and Worm Treatments

Made easy with 3 month packs and fortnightly subscription payments.

Our own Dogs and Cat use these products and we love them.
The keep Nes, Sue, Heidi and Zero safe from fleas, worms and ticks and all in one treatment.

The dogs love the taste of the NexGard chew and line up on the First Friday of every Month thinking they are getting a treat!....well we guess they are!

And Zero who is a very sensitive feline tolerates her three monthly treatment with Bravecto Plus, by the time she notices she is all done and ready to go and then it really doesn't bother her at all...so much easier and Justine loves that it is just a quarterly treatment.


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