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Sloans Hay or Log Tote




Custom made in our workshop our Sloans Tote for Hay or Logs is a simple and effective solution to carrying firewood in or hay out without it getting all over your clothes!

Making it easy to carry a good arm load of firewood to the basket inside using the tote for logs makes bringing in the wood a breeze.

Using it as a Hay Tote you can carry about 4 slices of hay (enough for 2 horses is what I find) in one hand and a bucket in the other and not end up with hay stuck to your jumper or jacket...so much easier!

Made in Sloans Grey canvas it stylishly does it's job....and we've got a some prototypes in burgandy available still too.

Or check out our Custom Made for a pesonalised option or a gift idea.

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