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Sloans Hay or Log Tote - Custom Made




"Our own design made in our Sloans Workshop this incredibly handy Tote is a simple tool to carry hay to the stable, paddock or yard at home or away, or that firewood in from the shed to the fireside.  It saves all that hay/bark sticking to your clothes.

Sylish range of Canvas colour options available, choose to fit with your home, stable or brand colours"

Custom made in our workshop our Sloans Tote for Hay or Logs is a simple and effective solution to carrying firewood in or hay out without it getting all over your clothes!
Making it easy to carry a good arm load of firewood to the basket inside, using the tote for logs makes bringing in the wood a breeze.
Using it as a Hay Tote you can carry about 4 slices of hay (enough for 2 horses is what I find) in one hand and a bucket in the other and not end up with hay stuck to your jumper or jacket...so much easier!

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