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ProGroom Pet Shampoo




Designed by Groomers for Groomers

These are our favourite Pet Shampoo's.  They are concentrated so go a long way, and lather easily creating a rich foam that not only feels good but does a great job.

Nes uses the Dermal Care or the 2n1 as she has special sensitive skin.

Heidi opts for the 2n1 or Everyday - she is pretty easy care!

Sue goes for the Tangle-Less and the Deodourising which suits her longer blonde locks!

If you've got a white coat the Brightening or the Whitening is great and for those youngsters the special Puppy shampoo is designed just for them.  Darker to black coats get a deep lustre from the Black or Brightening shampoo's.

Clarifying is super good as a 'pre-clip' cleanser or if your pet gets super grubby tends to have a greasy coat.

ProGroom is the award-winning brand that professional dog and cat groomers turn to when they want quality, affordable pet grooming products developed with the highest-grade, all-natural ingredients formulated with safe cosmetic grade ingredients derived from Natural Sources that are environmentally friendly.
Progroom is Australian Made and Manufactured.
We love using these products on our own dogs and horses, they are super easy to use, give super results and smell sooo good!  Progroom is now our go to for my horse and dog grooming...love it!


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