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Activ Scrub




Ideal for cleansing areas prone to mud fever or rain scald, removing dirt and contamination.

Antibacterial scrub and cleansing wash. Can be used diluted as a mild antibacterial cleansing wash to remove dirt and contamination.  Effective in seconds.

Can be used on multiple applications. Suitable for both human and animal use.  This is a go-to for Kiwi who is prone to Mud Fever, part of Justine's must have Mud Fever treatment kit along with Leovet Silver Salve.

Contains Chlorhexidine digluconate 40mg/g

Topical use: Apply 25ml (5 pumps) to affected area.
General wash: Dilute 100ml (20 pumps) into a bucket of clean water
Hand wash: Apply 5ml (1 pump) to hands and wash.
Conveniently sized. Available Size: 500ml pump.

Tested to EN1276, EN1650 and EN13727
Manufactured in the UK.

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