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Provida Flax Seed Oil - Dog




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Support the overall wellbeing and happiness of your furry friend with Provida Canine Flax Seed Oil.  For visibly glowing health from nose to tail!

We love this product and all of our Sloans Four Legged team get some form suited to their age, stage and special needs!

Provida Canine Flax Seed Oil is super easy to feed by simply pouring over your dog's meal once a day.  Think of it like a yummy and healthy drizzle, to boost the Omega 3, 6 & 9's in their dinner to help them live their best life! 

  • Giving you both more time to share cuddles and make precious memories
  • Watch them walk, run, play and jump with no limits
  • Let them show off their sparkle and shine

Flax Seed Oil provides the highest natural plant source of Omega 3 -an essential fatty acid vital for the health and function of many bodily systems supporting skin and joint health as well as the cardiovascular and immune systems.


  • NZ grown in Canterbury by Provida's contract farmers 
  • Cold-Pressed Flax Seed Oil - pure human food-grade 

This pure and delicious oil typically provides around 60% Omega 3, 15% Omega 6 and 15% Omega 9.  Omega's are classed as Essential Fatty Acids which means the body can't produce them by itself, they must be obtained through the diet or supplementation. 

What better way to help your pal by drizzling this golden goodness over their dinner and watch them lick up every last drop.

Feeding:  We suggest you simply pour the oil over their food at 1ml per 2kg body weight, so a 20kg medium sized dog would get 10ml or 2 teaspoons per day and the 500ml bottle will last 50 days which is about what you want.  We recommend ordering the size that works for around 60 days with a 90day ordering cycle at the most, this ensures your oil will be fresh and at its bests for your pooch pal! 

Plastic taps  are supplied for the larger containers and the small containers have plastic pourers in the neck of the bottle. Continuity is the key, so make sure you feed the oil every day!

We stock the 250ml, 500ml and 1litre in our Waipukurau Store


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